Xin Cui received her M.S. degree in Photovoltaic Engineering from the Xiamen University, China in 2015. She is currently working towards Ph. D. degree in Photovoltaic Engineering with the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Her current interests include the metal oxides synthesis using atomic layer deposition, material characterization, and application on thin film solar cells.

She works to develop ZnSnO, ZnMgO, Al2O3, WOx thin film for application on CZTS solar cells. On the one hand, she applies alternative environment-friendly buffer layer to advance the CZTS solar cell efficiency using ALD ZnSnO/ ZnMgO thin film. On the other hand, she uses ALD Al2O3 thin film to boost the device performance through passivating interface defects. Apart from this, she also works on high work function transition metal oxides for application as back contact layer in CZTS to improve the photovoltaic performance.