Research Focus: Dielectric films for surface and bulk passivation

I grew up and completed my undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering from India.  Further, I moved to Stony Brook University in New York, USA and finished my masters in Materials Science.

At UNSW, I am working on analysing the role of surface passivation on the degradation of silicon solar cells. I am examining the influence of hydrogen released from industrial dielectrics, SiNx and AlOx by modulating their thickness and placement architecture. To progress the ever-growing solar cell efficiencies, the role of passivation (both front and rear) is pivotal.

My PhD aims at tailoring dielectric films for surface and bulk passivation in solar cells. I am working on multicrystalline silicon wafers and cells, focusing on the cause and solution of LeTID.  I am performing light soaking and dark annealing experiments that will help us understand the influence of dielectric layers in loss mechanisms in mc-Si. For qualitative analysis of hydrogen, I will also be performing FTIR measurements. I am as well working on evaluating the influence of temperature in altering the inherent physical properties of dielectric layers in solar cells.