Geedhika-Poduvald-RLC_0293c-1200hGeedhika joined the group in April 2018 after working at SUTD Singapore and Fraunhofer FEP Germany. During which she focused on Magnetron sputtering of ITO and AR coating on flexible substrates, fabrication of VO2 using magnetron sputtering and TEM analysis of breakdown in memory devices. Prior to this, she completed a joint masters in Nanotechnology (EMM-Nano program) from KU Leuven, Belgium and TU Dresden, Germany. For her master thesis, she studied low temperature plasma generated oxides for germanium-based substrates at Fraunhofer IPMS- CNT, Germany. Additionally, she also has experience working with microfluidics-based electronics and soft lithographic techniques. Currently she is exploring various passivating hole contacts for Silicon wafer solar cells.

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