rptZengguang Huang, associate professor of Huaihai Institute of Technology (HHIT), is a visiting fellow of UNSW for one year (06/2018-06/2019). In June 2005, he joined HHIT after completing his MSc degree from Shanghai University, and now he is Associate Dean of School of Science (HHIT). In June 2016, he completed a PhD degree in photovoltaics in Optical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University of China. Before working on photovoltaics, he focused on theoretical physics such as cosmology and astrophysics and published over 30 SCI articles which were cited over 500 times. Currently, his research focusses on physics of photovoltaic devices and large-size Si high-efficiency solar cells, especially on the surface light-trapping structures and surface passivation. In the last five years, he published over 15 SCI papers in the world-famous journals including Progress in Photovoltaics(PIP), Advanced Functional Materials and Solar energy Materials and Solar Cells, etc. One of his research works published in PIP has been listed in ESI high-cited articles by ISI of America in August 2018. As a president, he has taken charge of three funds including one National Natural Science Foundation of China and two Natural Science Foundations of Jiangsu Province, and the sum of research fund reaches to 1200 thousand CNYs. Due to his excellent work on teaching and research, he was granted with the cultivation object for “333 High Level Talent Training Project of Jiangsu Province” and the “Outstanding Young Teachers of Jiangsu Province”.