Shengjie LIU is a current postgraduate student in the School of Photovoltaic and Solar Energy Engineering (SPREE) in UNSW. In 2018, he graduated from the Faculty of Energy of Soochow University, China and received his bachelor’s degree of engineering. He studied about lithium batteries, material chemistry and physics and solar cells. He participated in research about material for high stability perovskite solar cell in Institute of Energy Innovation Materials, Soochow University during undergraduate study. Now under supervision of Prof Bram Hoex, his research interest is the low temperature ALD MgNiO metal oxide material for carrier selective contact. He digs in material analysis methods including Spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE), XPD and FTIR. In order to investigate the metal oxide material properties as carrier selective contact with simple, low temperature fabrication process, low cost and good performance. Nickel oxide is a material with a large bandgap and a low valence band offset with Si, which is good for hole-selective contact. It’s naturally p-type semiconductor and a modeling research show that solar cell design with NiO and TiO contact could theoretically achieve a high efficiency of 28%. Doping nickel oxide with Mg oxide by low temperature ALD is a potential and interesting method to alter the film properties.